Chrysler Portal Concept unveiled at CES

Published on January 5, 2017 in News by Michel Deslauriers

According to FCA, the millennial generation will be settling down and starting their families, and it was important to figure out what these people want or need in a future family vehicle. The Chrysler Portal Concept was thus designed by Millennials for Millennials, and presented at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The family vehicle has evolved in the last century, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles thinks the Portal Concept marks the fifth evolution after the station wagon, the minivan, the SUV and the crossover. The automaker calls their conceptual vehicle a “third space,” or an alternative transition between work and home.

The six-passenger vehicle’s cockpit can be configured in many ways, thanks to a floor track system which allows sliding the four individual rear seats fore and aft. Five of the six seats can be folded up or removed for extra versatility. Most of the roof is glass, which creates a bright atmosphere for everyone. Four sliding doors provide easy cabin access.

FCA and Panasonic’s User Experience (UX) teams worked together to create a connected, high-tech environment. Flatscreen displays can be installed throughout the cabin, and docking stations are found on the dashboard and in the seats for keeping our handheld devices fully charged.

Technology obviously abounds inside and out, including voice command to lock and unlock the vehicle’s doors, a memory feature for every driver and passenger’s preferred settings, and vehicle-to-public infrastructure (V2X) communication. The on-board infotainment system allows occupants to share music with each other, as every passenger benefits from his or her own audio zone, which eliminates the need for headphones.

The Chrysler Portal Concept is a fully electric vehicle, equipped with a 201-hp motor connected to the front wheels as well as a battery pack of about 100 kWh. FCA claims an estimated driving range of 400 kilometres. Like any future vehicle, it incorporates autonomous driving functionalities.

The vehicle is smaller overall than the current 2017 Chrysler Pacifica, and about the same size as a midsize SUV such as the Jeep Grand Cherokee. However, interior packaging and a flat floor help create a volume of about 180 cubic feet, which is almost as much as in the Pacifica.

Of course, there are no immediate plans to produce the Chrysler Portal Concept, but it does suggest some cool ideas for the next evolution of the family vehicle.

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