5 Amazing Road Trips Through the Americas

Published on August 2, 2017 in Blog by The Car Guide Partner

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Is a road trip on your bucket list? We’ve got some ideas that won’t disappoint.

When summer hits, sometimes you just want to jump in the car and start driving! It’s time to pack the trunk, turn up the music and head out! Read on to find out about 5 road trips across the Americas that are sure to please.

From coast to coast

Saint John’s to Victoria, Canada

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The 7,800 km Trans-Canada Highway stretches from one end of the country to the other. Point A: Saint John’s. Point B: Victoria. It takes you through some of Canada’s major centres, including Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver, plus lots of pretty countryside. You won’t want to miss the national parks in Banff, Alberta, and Yoho, British Columbia. This is the ultimate Canadian road trip—it’s a great way to see all that our country has to offer!

A vintage route

Chicago to Santa Monica, United States

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Spanning 3 time zones and 8 states, the legendary Route 66 runs from Chicago, Illinois, to Santa Monica, California. Stretch your legs as you visit general stores, roadside diners and motels that line the historic route. Fans of the 1950s will be smiling all the way!

The music lovers trail

Nashville to New Orleans, United States

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Does the sound of a banjo get your toes a-tapping? Then the southern U.S. is a must! Your trip starts out in Nashville, the home of country music. Next stop is Mississippi, swinging by Tunica, aka The Gateway to the Blues, and then we call it a day in New Orleans! The main draw there is, of course, the French Quarter, where the sound of jazz and the smell of gumbo fill the air.

Chasing Che

Santa Cruz de la Sierra to La Higuera, Bolivia

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Up for a one-of-a-kind history lesson? Follow the last footsteps of Che Guevara in Bolivia. In Santa Cruz, visit the museum dedicated to the revolutionary figure and check out the hospital where his body was displayed to the media. The route to the village of La Higuera follows the Amboró national park and offers magnificent scenery.

Explore the Churro Ravine and the abandoned school where Che was captured and then executed. Goosebumps guaranteed! But before hitting the road, plan your itinerary. For some great tips, check out the article Long trips: Are you (really) ready? Because planning is key to a successful road trip!

Heaven on Earth

San José to Santa Cruz, Costa Rica

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For a spectacular adventure, head to Costa Rica! It’s like a trip to Paradise. There’s no end to the beautiful green landscapes and varied wildlife! Be sure to visit the Manuel-Antonio, Poás, Arenal and Palo Verde national parks. And it’s worth adding a few side trips to your journey to discover the many local attractions.

The Americas have a lot to offer, but if you prefer to stay closer to home, check out Perfect Staycations on Ontario’s Scenic Routes!

Happy travels! And drive safely—we can never say it enough!

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