Nissan Xmotion concept, a Bold New Three-row SUV

Published on January 16, 2018 in Detroit by Danny Geraghty

Nissan has just unveiled a new three-row SUV called the Xmotion concept at the 2018 North American International Auto Show. The Xmotion (pronounced cross-motion) features strong hints of a traditional SUV such as a high stance, large utility proportions and bulked-up fenders along with unique U-shaped highlights and an evolution of Nissan’s signature V-motion grille.

The exterior of the Xmotion concept is quite unique and gives the impression of a shell protecting the core of the vehicle, which is exposed in the front and rear lower bumpers and side sills.

“The Xmotion concept is a study in how seemingly disparate elements can gain power and strength through coexistence,” said Alfonso Albaisa, senior vice president of global design at Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. “It draws inspiration from the Japanese aesthetics and techniques that have been passed down through generation after generation. At the same time, it achieves the modern purposefulness required for drivers in the near-future era of connected, autonomous crossover vehicles.”

Photo: Danny Geraghty

“The Xmotion concept’s exterior is very dynamic, very wedged. The strong fenders are fluid and emotional, yet somehow very graceful,” explained Albaisa. “That’s a difference between this design and conventional SUVs with Western influence. The Xmotion concept embodies quiet dynamism and a purity that gives it a very unique presence.”

The interior features an interesting “4+2” passenger layout featuring three rows of side-by-side individual seats. Traditional Japanese styling is prevalent, but is accompanied by modern technology. The two sides of the interior are separated by a massive real wood console, which is constructed without using any screws.

The Xmotion has a Human Machine Interface (HMI) allowing the driver to switch drive modes by way of something called a PD Commander, located on the centre console. There are also seven screens displaying vehicle information. Starting the vehicle is done via fingerprint authentication and as many past concept cars have done, the outside mirrors are eliminated in favour of a camera monitoring system.

It’s certainly an interesting concept with lots of cool gadgets. How much of it will make it into production is anyone’s guess, but the design trend is certainly positive.

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