A Fully Electric Ford Mach 1 for 2020

Published on January 15, 2018 in Detroit by William Clavey

During Ford’s press conference in Detroit last night, Ford promised a hybrid F-150 would become a thing in the near future, as well as a high-performance fully electric vehicle wearing the Mach 1 name.


Nothing was shown during the conference about said vehicle. During the presentation, Ford claimed the Mach 1 would be derived on the Mustang, which has always been the case for the nameplate. However, after the conference, Ford changed its mind through a Tweet from Mike Levine, Ford USA’s media representative, by stating the vehicle in question would be an SUV.

Ford has been teasing us for a while about a potential hybrid Mustang, so we were all sure the Mach 1 would be it. When Ford’s Vice-president Raj Nair was interrogated about it, he simply said that a Mustang-inspired utility vehicle will most likely come out of Team Edison shortly. Team Edison is Ford’s electric car division.

According to Nair, since the Mach 1 will be fully electric, it will be built on its own dedicated platform, not sharing any components with the Mustang.

The last time we saw the Mach 1 name appear on a Ford, it was back in 2004. In the past, that name was only grafted on the most powerful Mustangs of their time. Whatever this new vehicle will be, let’s just hope it will remain faithful to the Mach 1 legend.

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