This Fake Lamborghini Actually Hides a Honda Civic

Published on December 15, 2020 in Buzz by Guillaume Rivard

It seems like everybody is looking for ways to build cheap Lamborghinis. We’ve told you about a 3D-printed Aventador replica in Colorado, cardboard-made supercars in Vietnam and a Toyota RAV4 turned into a Urus by a Japanese tuning shop.

The latest example may surprise you again… or not. An Indian company by the name of Executive Mod Trendz has converted an ordinary 2009 Honda Civic into a new Lamborghini Aventador.

The amount of work that went into this transformation is not negligible. From a distance, the nose of the car looks pretty similar to that of the exotic Italian coupe. The fake side air vents are well done, and we can’t say we hate the rear-end treatment. However, forget the Lambo doors; they swing open horizontally just like on any Civic.

The interior has received its fair share of modifications, too. Largely covered in flashy orange, it features a pair of sport bucket seats with quilted leather upholstery and the Lamborghini logo on the headrests. Fake carbon fibre accents are spread throughout.

The video above shows EMT’s creation in the streets of Mumbai, even though the car is not road-legal due to the modified chassis. By the way, there are no changes to the powertrain, so it’s not like this Civic in disguise will fool anyone with blistering performance.

How much did the whole operation cost? Approximately $20,000, including the donor car. Now, tell us if you’d prefer spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for a real Lamborghini Aventador…

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