There Will Be Another Acura NSX, Company Says

Published on August 24, 2021 in News by Guillaume Rivard

While the newly announced, 600-horsepower Type S model serves as the swan song for the current Acura NSX, another generation will debut at some point. Acura’s Vice President and Brand Officer in the U.S., Jon Ikeda, said so.

“There will be a next one, at some point, I am sure. There will be another one," he told various media including Motor Trend and The Drive.

When exactly? In what shape or form? It’s impossible to get a clear picture at this point.

Photo: Acura

Ideka pointed out that the first-generation NSX advanced combustion engines while the second NSX introduced an innovative sport hybrid technology. With the auto industry fast-tracking EV development, it’s safe to assume the powerful Japanese sports car will transition from hybrid to fully electric.

In fact, during the reveal of the NSX Type S, Ideka’s Canadian counterpart James Marchand said Acura was “already working towards what the next generation of Acura vehicles will be as we continue towards further electrification.” 

One of those vehicles will be the Integra, which will return after more than two decades of absence. However, a future electric NSX would make a bigger and stronger statement to performance enthusiasts and inevitably regain its position as Acura’s flagship.

Photo: Acura
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