Nearly 100,000 BMWs Recalled in Canada for Fire Risk

Published on March 10, 2022 in Recalls by Guillaume Rivard

BMW is announcing a recall on more than one million vehicles around the world due to a potentially faulty positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve heater that could overheat and result in a fire.

Similar recall campaigns were conducted in 2017 and 2019, once again affecting over a million BMWs globally.

This time, approximately 917,000 units are affected in the U.S., 98,000 in Canada and 18,000 in South Korea, a spokesman for the German automaker said.

The vehicles cover the 2006-2013 model years including the 1 Series (coupe and cabriolet), 3 Series (sedan, coupe, cabriolet and wagon), 5 Series (sedan and wagon), X3, X5 and Z4.

Despite the very large number of units being recalled, BMW believes the problem is limited to just a small fraction of them. There have been no reports of accidents or injuries related to the issue so far. However, many of the vehicles previously named in the 2017 and 2019 campaigns will have to go back to the shop again, at least for an inspection.

It has been determined that supplier production and process issues could cause variations leading to PCV valve heaters being damaged over time. They could overheat, increasing the risk of a fire.

BMW will notify affected owners starting later this month, though it appears that the new remedy and a sufficient inventory of parts won’t be ready until mid-2022. In the meantime, the company assures that customers may continue to drive their vehicles.

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