How Not to Let Gas Prices Affect Your Summer Travel Plans

Published on June 23, 2022 in Features and Tips by The Car Guide

A recent survey conducted by CAA South Central Ontario has found that most Canadians will be making changes to their summer road trip plans now that gas prices are higher than $2 per litre.

Overall, 76 percent of those surveyed said they have a road trip planned within the province this year, while 26 percent are preparing for an out-of-province road trip, and 23 percent will head to the U.S.

Now, among those who are planning a road trip, 64 percent of these respondents said gas prices are likely to impact their plans.

While some are limiting the number of trips they take overall or driving shorter distances, some travelers are planning around gas prices, and others are adjusting their budget to accommodate fuel prices during their trip.

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Summer Fuel-Saving Tips

As we transition into summer, there are easy ways to save money on fuel, CAA South Central Ontario says. It all starts with controlling speed and limiting hard stopping, avoiding unnecessary idling and being mindful of your vehicle's temperature.

Here are some more fuel-saving tips:

Wherever you plan to travel to this summer, always remember to drive safely.

Photo: Luigi Manga - unsplash
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