This New Italian Electric SUV is a Stunning Display of, Well, Displays

Published on December 21, 2022 in New Models by Guillaume Rivard

Aehra, a small Italian auto company based in Milan, last month unveiled a boldly styled electric SUV concept—one that sadly lacks a name. With butterfly-style front doors and gullwing rear doors, it appears to laugh in the face of the Tesla Model X.

Judging from the pictures released by Aehra this week, the show continues inside, too.

The vast cabin is said to be large enough to accommodate four large NBA players (we’d like to see some evidence, because the wheelbase is barely longer than that of the aforementioned Model X). Several configurations are possible.

Photo: Aehra

The supercar-like front seats are made of aluminum, recyclable carbon fibre and leather. Those in the rear can recline to allow occupants to take a proper nap. Mood lighting throughout really jazzes up the environment.

Technology is even more impressive, mind you. The rectangular steering wheel incorporates a digital strip that provides critical driving data such as speed and range. It is flanked by a wide centre display for navigation, HVAC controls and other vehicle functions.

Right above, near the base of the windshield, another digital interface spans the entire width of the cabin, with each end showing images from the side-view cameras (where local laws allow it, of course). It’s sure to create distractions while driving, but who cares? Just kidding.

Photo: Aehra

We’ve seen pillar-to-pillar displays in concepts before, but this one has the ability to extend upwards when the SUV is parked. Everyone can then watch movies, not just the rear-seat occupants like with BMW’s Theatre Screen in the new 7 Series. It seems like a fantastic way to kill time when the vehicle is charging or when a parent is waiting to pick up a child from school or a party. Other people could use it for videoconferencing, because Zoom calls on a smartphone are the worst.

As with any concept, some features and design elements are likely to change between now and production. By the way, Aehra is currently looking for investors to help get this thing on the road, hopefully by late 2025. Several markets are considered, with North America being one of them.

Photo: Aehra
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