Future Lamborghini Hybrids To Output 1,000+ Horsepower

Published on March 7, 2023 in News by Julien Amado

Lamborghini has published new information about the brand-new platform set to underpin future models. It’s called LB744, and it retains a naturally-aspirated V12 architecture while incorporates a new plug-in hybrid system. But unlike mainstream manufacturers who use this tech for electric range and fuel savings, the primary goal here is to improve performance without adding weight to the cars.

Purists Rejoice, the V12 is Sticking Around!

With its 6.5-litre displacement, the V12 engine will serve a critical purpose in this new endeavour. Engineers have enhanced intake and exhaust components, and the compression ratio has a been increased (12.6:1 instead of 11.8:1 on the Aventador Ultimae). Power ranks in at a solid 813 horsepower. Tilting the scale at 218 kg, the block is 17 kg lighter than that of an Aventador.

The Italian manufacturer also explains that the exhaust sound remains a priority for the brand and that it has tweaked the melody to please eardrums. Needless to say, we can't wait to hear this thing sing at 9,250 rpm!

Photo: Lamborghini

Three Electric Motors and a Battery

The V12 engine sends its efforts exclusively to the rear wheels. It is connected to an 8-speed dual-clutch that gives a nod to the Miura, which also had a transverse gearbox. This setup frees up space in the transmission tunnel to house the battery.

This battery has a usable capacity of 3.8 kWh, and it can be recharged in 30 minutes thanks to the onboard 7 kW charger. Alternatively, the driver can call on the V12 to recharge the battery while driving, a process that takes 6 minutes in ideal conditions.

To electrify its future vehicles, Lamborghini has opted for a three-motor setup. The first two are located on each of the front wheels. These motors will take care of the reverse gear (which will lighten the conventional gearbox) and will also manage propulsion when the car is in 100% electric mode. Yes, you read that right, future Lamborghini hybrids will be FWD under certain conditions. But don't worry, the third electric motor is located at the rear and can be activated for all-wheel drive. Finally, the driver can simply mash the gas pedal to wake up the V12...

Photo: Lamborghini

Breaking the 1,000-Horsepower Barrier

Lamborghini says these electrified Lambos will dish out a combined output of 1,001 horsepower and 535 lb-ft of torque. To make sporty driving even faster, the Italian automaker has also redesigned the downshifting mechanism. Instead of pressing the paddle on the left side of the steering wheel several times to downshift, all you have to do is keep your hand on it and the gearbox will select the right gear according to the car's speed.

With all these technical innovations, all that's left to do is to find out what the future Lamborghini models will actually look like. Will there be an all-new design language, or will the automaker look back as it did recently with the Countach? Only time will tell.

Watch: First images of the Lamborghini hybrid platform 

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