GM's Full-Size SUV Plant Now the Target of Auto Workers Strike

Published on October 24, 2023 in News by AFP

The U.S. auto workers union announced Tuesday it has extended its strike to a giant General Motors truck plant, saying the company's strong profits meant workers should get "their fair share."

The latest United Auto Workers (UAW) union stoppage, which expands the nearly six-week strike to GM's Arlington, Texas assembly plant, came hours after GM reported a better than expected $3.1 billion in third-quarter profits earlier Tuesday.

The move results in the walkout of 5,000 workers at the site, which makes some of the company's most profitable vehicles including the Chevy Tahoe, Chevy Suburban and GMC Yukon.

Photo: General Motors

With the latest action, more than 45,000 auto workers have joined the UAW's "Stand Up Strike," which has been gradually expanded following a launch on September 15.

Earlier Tuesday, GM characterized strong sales of sport utility vehicles such as those from Arlington as part of a "foundation" for the company that "have consistently strong pricing and margins," according to a letter from GM Chief Executive Mary Barra.

"We are disappointed by the escalation of this unnecessary and irresponsible strike," GM said in reaction to the Arlington stoppage. "It is time for us to finish this process, get our team members back to work and get on with the business of making GM the company that will win and provide great jobs in the US for our people for decades to come."


But the UAW, pointing to Tuesday's results as the latest in a recent period of robust Detroit automaker profitability, said the company needs to sweeten its offer.

"Another record quarter, another record year. As we've said for months: record profits equal record contracts," said UAW President Shawn Fain. "It's time GM workers, and the whole working class, get their fair share."

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