Top 10 Cars Most Likely to Get a Speeding Ticket

Published on August 14, 2019 in Top 10 by Guillaume Rivard

Photo: Subaru Canada Inc.

Drivers who get caught speeding the most often are not necessarily the ones with the most powerful cars.

In order to determine which models have the highest proportions of ticketed drivers, the research team at Insurify, an American website for comparing car insurance quotes, took a look at their database of over 1.6 million car insurance applications.

"Many car manufacturers that have historically been big names in the racing world—such as Ferrari, Chevrolet, Ford, and Honda—missed out on the top 10, as other brands more adept at producing sedans, trucks, and other suburban vehicles claimed many of the top spots," the company points.

So, what are these 10 cars that are the most likely to get a speeding ticket based on Insurify’s calculations? Go to the next page to find out…

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