140 Cars Owned by Bounce House Creator to be Auctioned

Published on October 14, 2020 in Classic Cars by Guillaume Rivard

Photo: Photo: VanDerBrink Auctions

You’ve probably never heard of Bob Regehr, but he’s the man who invented the first bounce houses in the late 1960s. Having made a fortune with this type of amusement, he invested in his passion for cars and amassed quite a collection during his life.

Since Regehr passed away in September of 2019, most of the vehicles he still owned—approximately 140—will go to auction on October 24 in Hutchinson, au Kansas.

The list includes nearly two dozen 1932 Ford models (including a few hot rods) and several Mustangs, but also Lincolns, Pontiacs, Chevys and many more. There are no super-exotic or museum-worthy cars given their current condition, expect maybe his 1979 Ferrari 308 GTS. A number of farm tractors and motorcycles are also part of the collection.

We put over 30 models in the photo gallery above. Enjoy!

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