Three Visions for Future EV Charging Stations

Published on March 25, 2022 in Galleries by Guillaume Rivard

Photo: Electrify America

With more and more electric vehicles on the road, charging stations must keep up and evolve to meet drivers’ needs. That means going beyond the traditional chargers and offering a number of amenities and services to maximize the experience as people wait for their EV to charge.

Electrify America (which has its own network in Canada, too) this week unveiled a new design vision for some of its future charging stations, starting with California and New York in 2022-2023. Other companies and firms have also shared their concepts.

Basically, expect to see more modern and more user-friendly chargers, large overhead canopies equipped with solar panels, on-site security cameras and additional lighting, valet charging services, showcase and food service areas, customer lounges for entertainment or work, and much more. Let’s not forget inductive charging technology that will eventually allow EV owners to charge their vehicle without bothering about the cable.

Here is a photo gallery that shows some of these future EV charging stations.

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