2017 Nissan GT-R (00:42)

Published on March 23, 2016 in New York by The Car Guide

Some people love the GT-R’s silhouette, while others say it looks too much like a kit car. But chances are that the esthetic updates to the 2017 model will be well-liked. The V grille confirms Nissan’s visual signature for its new models. Plus, with a wider opening, this grille allows more air to flow into the engine compartment. Also, the front deflector is now bigger to increase aerodynamic compression. 

In another bid to enhance its aerodynamics, the GT-R’s engineers carved two character lines through the hood for better air flow. They also flared the lower body skirts to direct air away from the vehicle.

The rear section was redesigned, but it still has the four round lights that the model’s is known for. There are functional air intakes near the quadruple exhaust. The raised beltline in back enhances the car’s sporty personality. But despite all these tweaks, the drag coefficient is still 0.26.

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