Nissan Previews Radically Styled Concepts Ahead of Japan Mobility Show

Published on October 10, 2023 in News by Guillaume Rivard

Nissan will display four new SUV concepts at the upcoming Japan Mobility Show (formerly known as Tokyo Motor Show) from October 25 to November 5. The Car Guide will be on hand to give you a closer look.

Until then, the company is offering previews through weekly reveals. As the pictures show, Nissan designers weren’t afraid to defy styling conventions once again.

Nissan Hyper Urban

Designed to “perfectly complement the sophisticated tastes of urban- and suburban-based professionals who prioritize environmental sustainability,” the Hyper Urban concept is an intricate combination of geometric shapes, from the concave fascias and body sides to the oversized wheels with triangular patterns. Meanwhile, the lime yellow colour changes chromatic expressions depending on the angle that light hits it.

Photo: Nissan

Aerodynamics and character are what this vehicle is all about. The front and rear scissor doors are unlike anything we’ve seen—at least in the real world. The interior is inspired by kaleidoscopic triangles and allows users to customize the instrument panel and display according to their mood. A key highlight is the collapsing front seats that fold into the back seats, creating a sofa-like space for relaxation.

Naturally, the Hyper Urban is a full EV, but Nissan says this one could be used to power your home and give energy back to the grid as a way to help the community and earn money in the process. What’s more, an AI-powered Intelligent Charging Management System could autonomously handle charging so you wouldn’t have to.

Photo: Nissan

Nissan Hyper Adventure

The second concept previewed by Nissan is aimed at outdoor enthusiasts with an eco-friendly lifestyle. Whether it’s a weekend jaunt to the mountain or a months-long journey to a remote locale, the idea is to use the large-capacity battery as an energy source to power up accessories, light up campsites or even charge electric bikes or jet skis.

Once again, the company failed to provide any kind of specs, but what we know is that the Hyper Adventure leverages Nissan’s e-4ORCE all-wheel drive system.

Photo: Nissan

Styling is front and centre, with bold and polarizing lines applied all around. This includes the lighting signatures and wheel designs, as well as the air channels up front. The huge amount of snow that could build up at the base of the windshield looks like a serious problem, though, one that Nissan apparently hasn’t thought about.

The driver’s cockpit has all the makings of a futuristic racing simulator, which isn’t surprising, but the feature we’re the most intrigued by is the back seat that can pivot 180 degrees to create a comfortable sitting area that faces out of the vehicle’s rear. It also comes with automatic extendable and retractable steps that could come in handy when camping or getting ready for a day of skiing.

Photo: Nissan

We’ll have more on Nissan’s Tokyo concepts in two weeks time, so stay tuned.

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