Watch: Ottawa Mechanic Runs Red Light in Customer Car, Nearly Gets Clipped

Published on January 3, 2024 in Buzz by The Car Guide

Leaving your car shouldn’t be stressful. After all, the automaker knows best about the vehicle you’re driving and its accredited technicians know how to take care of it. However, some of those technicians may not have the appropriate driving skills to test drive the car once the maintenance and repairs are conducted.

A Honda technician from Ottawa, Ontario showed us how one can be reckless (or lack serious attention) when driving at night for a test drive. The video was recorded by the customer's dashcam and was uploaded on Reddit by redditor u/ssign. The Drive and other media outlets also ran the story from there.

After rolling out of what seems to be the dealership parking lot, the technician zooms by a row of cars lined up to make a right turn at the next light. After briefly slowing down while approaching the intersection, the technician decides to gun it and run the red light while a car is clearly engaged in the intersection in the other direction.

The good ol’ t-bone-style collision was avoided thanks to the other driver's viligance. But whether the tech was staring at his phone or just took a chance on purpose, this behaviour is unacceptable either way with or without a customer vehicle under his responsibility.

WATCH: Honda technician runs red light, nearly causing an accident

This idiot that took my car for a test drive after being in for service [oc]
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