We Asked ChatGPT About the Best Cars and Here Were the Answers

Published on April 20, 2023 in News by Guillaume Rivard

Artificial intelligence is a pretty hot topic right now, and Open AI’s ChatGPT platform is right at the centre of it. Much has been said about its impressive abilities and potential—both good and bad. Spreading misinformation and fake news isn’t what we’d call “intelligent.”

How car-savvy is this robot and how helpful can it actually be for car shoppers? We asked a few questions in order to find out.

What is the Best Car on the Market?

We of course started with the million-dollar question, the one people keep asking us auto journalists all the time—or so it seems. ChatGPT rightfully points out from the get-go that the answer is subjective and can depend on a variety of factors such as personal preferences, budget and intended use.

“There are several cars that are often considered among the best in their respective categories based on factors such as performance, reliability, safety and overall value,” it says. “Some examples of cars that are often regarded as the best in their categories include the Tesla Model S for electric cars, the Mazda MX-5 for sports cars, the Toyota Camry for midsize sedans, the Honda Civic for compact cars, and the Subaru Outback for crossover SUVs.” Okay, that’s a good start.

Photo: Antony Lajoie-Beaudoin

What is the Best Used Car?

Once again, it’s pretty hard to come up with a clear and definitive answer. According to ChatGPT, “some of the best used cars according to industry experts and consumer reports include the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, Subaru Outback, Mazda3 and Honda Accord. These cars are known for their reliability, safety and durability, which make them good choices for people looking for a used car that will last them for several years.”

Speaking of reliability, when quizzed about the most reliable models, ChatGPT mentions a few brands that are known for producing reliable cars including Toyota, Honda and Lexus. Then it pitches models like the Corolla, Camry and Civic, as well as the Lexus ES, LS and RX. “Other cars that are often cited for their reliability include the Subaru Impreza, Mazda MX-5 and Kia Soul,” it says.

The robot advises car shoppers to “do your research and get a vehicle history report to ensure that the car has not been in any major accidents or has any outstanding issues. Additionally, it's always a good idea to have a trusted mechanic inspect the car before making a purchase.” Well said.

Photo: Guillaume Rivard

What Cars Should be Avoided?

Obviously, the quality and reliability of a particular vehicle can vary greatly depending on factors such as the make and model, the year it was produced and its maintenance history. ChatGPT acknowledges this fact before highlighting that “some cars have a reputation for being less reliable or more prone to issues than others.” Fiat, Jaguar, Land Rover and Alfa Romeo are listed as examples, which is no surprise when you consider studies from J.D. Power and Consumer Reports.

“Similarly, some models that have received poor ratings from industry experts and consumers include the Dodge Dart, Nissan Pathfinder and Volkswagen Beetle,” ChatGPT goes on, adding once again that a proper inspection by a trusted mechanic can help customers avoid potential issues down the road.

As we observed, ChatGPT regularly insists on the importance for car shoppers to do their own research and consider their specific needs and preferences in a vehicle—fuel efficiency, safety, performance, reliability, cost, etc. “You can also consult with trusted automotive experts and read reviews from other car owners to get a better idea of which cars might be the best fit for you.”

On that note, visit The Car Guide’s Best Buys section to help you make a smart decision when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle.

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