Infiniti QX Inspiration: The Brand’s Future is Officially Electric

Published on January 15, 2019 in Detroit by William Clavey

DETROIT (Michigan) – One of the vehicles making the biggest splash at the 2019 Detroit Motor Show is the QX Inspiration, the concept that will inspire Infiniti’s first electric SUV. It has just been unveiled to the public as a world premiere.

It’s great to see Infiniti finally shift over to the electric side. Until now, all of its models have been conventionally powered. Everyone wants to know the vehicle’s battery range, price and technical specs, but for now Infiniti is keeping that information to itself.

Laying the Foundation for a New Brand

One thing the Japanese manufacturer has made clear is that it plans on offering a whole new line of EVs in the near future. The QX Inspiration is breaking the path for these upcoming models.

With Montrealer Karim Habib heading design at Infiniti, the automaker is using this concept car to introduce its new vision for automobile design. After all, EVs won’t just impact the environment, they will also influence vehicle mechanics, styles and ergonomics. In this sense, the QX Inspiration represents the new look for Infiniti products.

You get much more space in the cabin when you eliminate almost all the mechanical components for a combustion engine. As a result, compact EVs are as roomy as midsize conventional vehicles. The QX Inspiration isn’t very big. At just 4,650 mm, it’s shorter than an Audi Q5. But we expect its cabin to be as big as the Q8’s.

Short on Details

Even though we’re disappointed not to be able to share any technical details about this vehicle, Infiniti has reassured us that it will offer great performances and, thanks to the automaker’s e-POWER technology, enough range to give the driver total freedom. Of course, this SUV will come with all-wheel drive courtesy of its two electric motors.

After what we’ve just seen with the Nissan IMs concept—a super high-performance electric sedan boasting more than 600 km of range on a single charge—it seems likely that the QX Inspiration will borrow some of its components. In fact, it will probably have similar specifications, but Infiniti hasn’t confirmed anything yet.

One thing is certain, with the recent announcement about the LEAF PLUS, an upcoming all-electric sedan and the unveiling of this concept, it looks like the Nissan/Infiniti Group and its partner Mitsubishi Motors plan on using electric technology as its main power source.

Remember, this is the automaker that brought us the LEAF, one of the bestselling EVs on the planet. This latest move is just taking that initiative another step further.

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