The 2024 Ford F-150 Has a New Pro Access Tailgate - Here’s How it Works

Published on September 20, 2023 in Technology by Louis-Philippe Dubé

In the last years, pickup truck brands like GMC and Ram have gotten really creative with tailgates, transforming them into Swiss Army knives for drivers who need more versatility out of their beds, Ford joins the party with its own interpretation of this pickup truck necessity, showcased on the 2024 Ford F-150.

Ford's available Pro Access Tailgate distinguishes itself with a middle section that swings out, resembling a common door. In contrast to Ram's Multifunction Split Tailgate, Ford's version hinges open the central portion while leaving the left and right sections of the tailgate in place. Of course, it can also open horizontally like a normal tailgate.

WATCH: Here's how the 2023 Ford F-150 Pro Access Tailgate

The primary objective of a sideward-swinging tailgate is to facilitate easier access to the bed's edge during loading and unloading, eliminating the need to lean over a flat tailgate. It is also useful for trailering purposes as it the opening offers multiple angles (37 degrees, 70 degrees and 100 degrees). Ford claims that the 37-degree opening provides access to the contents of the bed when a trailer is hitched behind the truck, without the need to climb from the side or reach over. Ford has also relocated all trailer cable ports to the opposite side of the truck to prevent any tripping hazards while entering or exiting the vehicle.

According to Ford, the Pro Access maintains the same weight capacities and strength as the standard drop-down tailgate – which you can still get with your 2024 F-150 if you’re not interested in swinging both ways.

The 2024 Ford F-150 was unveiled earlier this month at the Detroit Auto Show with a series of cosmetic, mechanical and technological enhancements. Rear our full report here.

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