Top 10 Least Liked Vehicles According to Consumer Reports

Published on February 10, 2021 in Top 10 by Guillaume Rivard

While not necessarily bad, some vehicles are big letdowns for various reasons.

U.S. magazine Consumer Reports recently published a list of vehicles owners like the least. The results are from the 2020 Annual Auto Surveys on 369,000 vehicles, with the main criteria being the driving experience, comfort, storage, in-car electronics and value. Owners were also asked whether they would buy the same car again if given the chance.

Keep in mind that the least satisfying models or brands aren’t necessarily the worst on the market. They may rate well on other measures such as crashworthiness or long-term reliability. It’s just that they fail to meet the customers’ expectations.

When looking at the brands with the lowest satisfaction levels in 2021, Infiniti tops the list, followed by parent company Nissan, then Cadillac, Buick and Mercedes-Benz.

As for the least liked vehicles across all segments, go to the next page to start the Top 10.

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