Top 10 Plug-in Hybrids With the Longest Range

Published on June 10, 2021 in Top 10 by Guillaume Rivard

Plug-in hybrid vehicles—especially models that offer decent zero-emission range—are a great solution for all those people who don’t want to make the jump to full EVs just yet.

Unlike regular hybrids, they are eligible to cash incentives from the government. Unfortunately, availability is a big problem in some cases. Just ask customers who have ordered—or tried to order—a Toyota RAV4 Prime. As for the Ford Escape PHEV, production has been delayed once again and is now slated to begin in August.

If you’re considering buying a plug-in hybrid vehicle in the near future, here are the top 10 models that can drive the farthest without burning any fuel, based on ratings by Natural Resources Canada.

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