Tesla to Require Subscription for Navigation After Eight Years

Published on July 26, 2022 in News by Guillaume Rivard

Subscription-based features and services in new vehicles are something consumers need to prepare for as more and more automakers seem to be trending in that direction.  

We recently told you about BMW’s decision to require monthly fees for heated seats in select markets. Now, let’s talk about Tesla.

Standard Connectivity with navigation in Tesla vehicles will no longer be free for life. Effective with models purchased after July 20, 2022, customers will have to pay for it after eight years, though it’s not immediately clear how much.

Sure, eight years is a long time—few people will get there before they trade their old Tesla for a newer car. However, knowing the company’s habit of making regular changes to its pricing strategy, we wouldn’t be surprised if those eight years eventually become five or three.

Those who are purchasing a used Telsa will be notified of how long their vehicle will include free access to Standard Connectivity. 

Photo: Tesla

Navigation is a pretty important feature in Tesla vehicles especially since the brand's infotainment system supports neither Apple CarPlay nor Android Auto.

Tesla also offers Premium Connectivity which, along with navigation, currently includes an internet browser, live traffic visualization, Sentry Mode, Caraoke, as well as video and music streaming. It’s free for the first 30 days (Model 3 and Model Y) or the first year (Model S and Model X), but costs $13.99 a month after the trial period ends. The subscription can be cancelled at any time. Click here for more details.

Back in May, a Cox Automotive survey found that 75 percent of consumers who intend to buy a new vehicle in the next two years don’t want to pay an annual or monthly subscription fee for most items on their next vehicle. Rather, they expect most features and services to be included in the upfront sales price.

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